Adventures in Coffee Making

Coffee is the most important liquid in the entire universe, and we met some of the Colombian farmers who produce it by hand.

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Space Apps Ottawa 2019: Mission Accomplished

Along with over 200 cities around the world, Ottawa teams worked all weekend to solve NASA- and CSA-designed challenges that leverage spacecraft, celestial & science data.

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Camping Griffon's pebble beach

Was Canadian Whisky Smuggled to Al Capone From Our Beach in l'Anse-au-Griffon?

Was Canadian whisky smuggled from our beach in l'Anse-au-Griffon to gangster Al Capone during the Prohibition? Local legend might be historical fact.

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More Street Art: Murals of Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres' inventive and talented street artists have been busy. Check out some more stunningly beautiful murals including new 3d effects and other tricks!

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Street Art: Murals of Isla Mujeres

One of Isla Mujeres island's many charms is that many of its buildings are covered by beautiful murals, and each street corner reveals new artistic vistas.

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Cenote Diving in the Yucatan

Cenotes are water-filled limestone caves that hold a special place in Mayan folklore - and are great fun to explore. I'm lucky to be on vacation in Mexico and jumped at the chance to see them above and below the water line.

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"Where Are They?" A New Estimate of Alien Civilizations Is Both Exciting and Scary

A new calculation estimates how many alien civilizations are out there - here's what the results mean for us.

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Ring of Kerry road with sheep in foreground

Wild Atlantic Way: Ring of Kerry, Skelligs, and Valentia Island

Explore the famous Ring of Kerry in south-west Ireland.

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Onwards & Upwards, by Nicholas Kellett

Programmer. Traveler. Blogger. Space Cadet.

Uncrewed Antares Rocket Explodes Upon Launch

2014-10-28 | 1

Dramatic explosion shows that the dangers of space flight are very real.

Gaspesie Fall Colours

Gaspesie – Fall Colours

2014-10-15 | 3

Gaspésie is a large peninsula in Eastern Quebec jutting out into the Gulf of St Lawrence, dramatically dominated by cliffs hills and mountains, criss-crossed with rivers and valleys, and bordered by the sea. What better time to visit it than the autumn?

The Planetary Society Celebrates Canada’s Achievements in Space

2014-10-08 | 0

The Planetary Society celebrates Canada’s achievements in space exploration.

IAC 2014: UrtheCast is #DisruptiveTech

2014-10-03 | 1

Vancouver-based New Space company UrtheCast is developing a Earth-Observation technology that could disrupt any number of industries.

Commercial Spaceflight plenary

IAC 2014 Commercial Spaceflight Plenary

2014-09-30 | 0

My notes on the International Astronautical Congress 2014’s Commercial Spaceflight Plenary, in Toronto.

IAC 2014 in Toronto: “The World Needs Space” Opening Ceremony

2014-09-29 | 0

The International Astronautical Congress kicks off its 65th space congress in Toronto with a heartfelt, funny, musical show with lots of star power.

India celebrates Mars Orbital Mission arrival - Copyright AFP/Getty Images.

MAVEN and MOM on Mars

2014-09-24 | 0

This week two spacecraft reached Mars. The first is a NASA craft that will study Mars’ upper atmosphere, and the second is from the Indian space agency and is called “Mangalyaan” or Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM). It was inserted in Mars orbit tonight. The Mangalyaan probe is a huge success for India because it was […]

One Hundred Years of Progress

2014-08-04 | 0

How do we measure progress? What will someone born today see and know, when they celebrate their birthday in one hundred years?

Flowers In Space

Exobiotanica: Flowers in Space

2014-07-18 | 1

There’s a very cool art project called “Exobiotanica” that just launched a bonsai tree and a floral arrangement into space, and tracked and photographed the result. Set against the beautiful blue backdrop of our home planet, and the darkness of space, the results are really surprising, and a fantastic application of artistic creativity in an […]

Yuri's Night

Yuri’s Night 2014

2014-04-03 | 0

Yuri’s Night I am looking forward to attending the Ottawa Chapter of the Canadian Space Society’s Yuri’s Night – an annual worldwide celebration of the first human space flight, and of space exploration. From the Yuri’s Night Website: Yuri’s Night is a global celebration of humanity’s past, present, and future in space. Yuri’s Night parties […]

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