Ottawa - Parliament Hill

NewSpace Pioneers and Entrepreneurs Meetup Group in Ottawa

2014-02-08 | 0

In my professional life, I am the co-chair of a meetup group dedicated to professionals who use Microsoft SharePoint technology. The group is getting pretty big and it’s a lot of fun and a great way to meet people with shared interests. On Thursday at our latest meetup we had renowned SharePoint experts fly in […]

Ottawa - Parliament Hill

New Canadian Space Policy Announced By Federal Government

2014-02-07 | 2

[Update – what I called a “plan” is actually a policy framework] The government of Canada has just announced a new space policy framework  for the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), in response to the recommendations of the David Emerson Aerospace Review. Industry Minister James Moore announced Canada’s revamped space policy framework in the presence of […]


New GoPro Marketing Video of Felix Baumgartner’s Space Jump

2014-02-02 | 1

Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner performed an epic space jump from a stratospheric balloon 24 miles above Roswell, New Mexico. This video contains updated GoPro camera footage of the jump.


“Making Space Happen”: Journey to Mars

2014-01-27 | 9

Mars has long called out to generations eager to explore. But are we any closer to landing humans on it? And can it even be done?

Orbital Sciences and SpaceX Rockets Mean Business

2014-01-15 | 0

New Space companies Orbital Sciences and SpaceX are successfully completing major business milestones in space with key rocket launches.

Top 10 Reasons Yucatán Peninsula Rocks

2014-01-03 | 0

Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula is an amazing place to explore! Here are my top ten reasons why it should be on any traveler’s “must visit” list of world destinations.

Snowy Backyard

Happy New Year!

2014-01-01 | 0

Happy New Year 2014

Making Space Happen Cover

“Making Space Happen”: The Ansari X PRIZE

2013-12-23 | 2

“Some good old-fashioned competition”: It’s been 11 years since the Ansari X PRIZE was awarded. Has it succeeded in its goal of promoting New Space competition?

Cenote Diving in the Yucatan

2013-12-18 | 2

Cenotes are water-filled limestone caves that hold a special place in Mayan folklore – and are great fun to explore. I’m lucky to be on vacation in Mexico and jumped at the chance to see them above and below the water line.

Making Space Happen Cover

“Making Space Happen”: Is Space Tourism Happening?

2013-12-16 | 2

In the book “Making Space Happen” it is suggested that Humanity will only truly expand into space when the ordinary public can live and work, and take vacations, in space. But is space tourism really happening?

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