“Where Are They?” Are They Here?

2021-06-24 | 0

Tomorrow (maybe!) the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon #UAP report will be released to the US Congress. Are we on the edge of a new Copernican Revolution that transforms our understanding of our place in the universe? Or will it be just another Friday?

Software Will Eat the Space Industry

2020-11-05 | 0

“Software is eating the world” said Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen, in 2011. But it hasn’t eaten the space industry yet – why?

Space Apps Ottawa 2020 Hackathon – October 2 to 4!

2020-09-16 | 0

I’m busy helping organize the fourth annual Space Apps Ottawa hackathon, which is the local version of the NASA International Space Apps event. This year it will be held from October 2 to 4. I love the hackathon so much that it directly inspired me to pivot my company Deploy Solutions into the space industry […]

Adventures in Coffee Making

2019-11-17 | 0

Coffee is the most important liquid in the entire universe, and we met some of the Colombian farmers who produce it by hand.

Space Apps Ottawa 2019: Mission Accomplished

2019-10-21 | 0

Along with over 200 cities around the world, Ottawa teams worked all weekend to solve NASA- and CSA-designed challenges that leverage spacecraft, celestial & science data.


O Brave New World: Canadian Space Society Annual Summit 2018

2018-12-05 | 0

Another year, another Canadian Space Society Annual Summit! It’s a whole new world in space.

Camping Griffon's pebble beach

Was Canadian Whisky Smuggled to Al Capone From Our Beach in l’Anse-au-Griffon?

2018-03-17 | 0

Was Canadian whisky smuggled to Al Capone from our beach in l’Anse-au-Griffon? Local legend might be historical fact.

More Street Art: Murals of Isla Mujeres

2018-01-27 | 0

The inventive and talented street artists of Isla Mujeres have been busy. Check out some more stunningly beautiful murals including new 3d effects and other tricks!

Canadian Space Society Annual Summit 2017 – Day 2

2017-11-29 | 1

Day 2 recap of the Canadian Space Society’s Annual Summit 2017.

White Rabbit Google Moon XPrize

Canadian Space Society Annual Summit 2017 – Day 1

2017-11-29 | 2

Day 1 recap of the Canadian Space Society’s Annual Summit 2017.

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