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MIT’s “IOTx Internet of Things” Online Course: First Impressions

2016-04-20 | 10

MIT offers an online course about the Internet of Things (IoT) and the huge changes it will bring to our world. Read on for my first impressions.

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A Farewell to StoneShare

2016-03-29 | 5

Leaving my consulting company marks the end of a major chapter in my life, and the beginning of the next one.

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One Hundred Years of Progress

2014-08-04 | 0

How do we measure progress? What will someone born today see and know, when they celebrate their birthday in one hundred years?

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Snowy Backyard

Happy New Year!

2014-01-01 | 0

Happy New Year 2014

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Hello World

2013-11-13 | 1

My personal journey to a different understanding of our beautiful little world – and its place in the universe – begins.

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