Manchones Reef, Isla Mujeres

Scuba Diving off Isla Mujeres

2016-04-17 | 3

Isla Mujeres in Mexico offers fun and interesting options for scuba divers of all levels.

Of course I still love you

Falcon Sticks Landing on “Of Course I Still Love You”

2016-04-08 | 1

The title sounds like gibberish – but it is actually an amazing technological advancement by rocketship pioneer SpaceX.

Dog Sitting in Isla Mujeres

2016-04-08 | 3

A canine companion is our excuse to relax on Mexico’s beautiful Isla Mujeres.

A Farewell to StoneShare

2016-03-29 | 5

Leaving my consulting company marks the end of a major chapter in my life, and the beginning of the next one.

“Good Morning, Pluto!” on SlideShare

2015-09-08 | 0

Onwards and Upwards – Good Morning, Pluto! from Deploy Software Solutions ("Deploy Solutions")


“Making Space Happen”: Journey to Mars on SlideShare

2015-09-08 | 0

Onwards and Upwards – "Making Space Happen": Journey to Mars from Deploy Software Solutions ("Deploy Solutions")

Bytown By Biplane

2015-08-31 | 1

Every day above Ottawa a biplane loops, slides and slips the summer skies.
What better way to see the city?

One Small Step, Of Many

2015-07-20 | 0

NASA’s accomplishments are a humbling and inspiring reminder to aim high.

Good Morning, Pluto!

2015-07-14 | 1

Something incredible is five billion kilometers away from Earth, and today the waiting ends!

Trip Review: Royalton Riviera Cancun Resort

2015-06-22 | 4

Get pampered at a posh family-friendly resort in Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

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