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#SpaceAppsOttawa in the Ottawa Business Journal

"NASA's International Space Apps Hackathon Touches Down in Ottawa": #SpaceAppsOttawa upcoming hackathon event is featured in the Ottawa Business Journal.

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SpaceX “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” Rockets

Elon Musk's SpaceX company achieved another historic milestone, re-using its liquid-fueled orbital booster rocket from a previous landing attempt and advancing Newspace technology once again.

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“Where Are They?” A New Estimate of Alien Civilizations Is Both Exciting and Scary

"Where Are They?" A new calculation estimates how many alien civilizations are out there - here's why the results are both exciting and scary.

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Ottawa, prepare yourselves for liftoff!

Ottawa, prepare yourselves for liftoff! NASA International #SpaceApps Challenge hits town.

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Astrophotography, Take 2

An early morning hike up a cliff is a (steep) price to pay to photograph the night sky.

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Astrophotography, Take 1

My first steps into a new hobby, taking pictures of the night sky.

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Stargazing at Camping Griffon

Amateur night-sky observations of planets, moons, and galaxies in Gaspésie, Quebec.

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Falcon Sticks Landing on “Of Course I Still Love You”

The title sounds like gibberish – but it is actually an amazing technological advancement by rocketship pioneer SpaceX.

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“Good Morning, Pluto!” on SlideShare

“Making Space Happen”: Journey to Mars on SlideShare

Onwards and Upwards – “Making Space Happen”: Journey to Mars from Nick Kellett
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