King Canute and the Eternal Laws of Atmospheric Thermodynamics


As we watch our fragile sea-barriers swamped by ceaseless and increasingly powerful waves, we must learn the limits of our power over nature.

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Manchones Reef, Isla Mujeres

Scuba Diving off Isla Mujeres


Isla Mujeres in Mexico offers fun and interesting options for scuba divers of all levels.

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Deer in Gatineau Park

Running Zen: Doe in Gatineau Park


Saw this female deer tonight while running in Gatineau Park, Quebec at sunset. Always a thrill to see wildlife so close to the heart of downtown…

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Gaspesie Fall Colours

Gaspesie – Fall Colours


Gaspésie is a large peninsula in Eastern Quebec jutting out into the Gulf of St Lawrence, dramatically dominated by cliffs hills and mountains, criss-crossed with rivers and valleys, and bordered by the sea. What better time to visit it than the autumn?

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